Cheralee’s style of music can be classified as easy-listening Adult Contemporary, with Rock, Country and Pop influences. Her slight husky voice, adds a smoky timbre to her Southern Rock sound, which finds harmony within her modern day influenced songs, while highlighting strong melodic lyrics and soul evoking rhythmic patterns.


Cheralee was introduced to music and live performances by her musician father, at the age of 13, but her music career only officially started in 2001, when a prominent Australian businessman approached her after performing at a local pub and offered to fund the recording of a 10-track album. Cheralee and her brother then formed the five-piece Rock band called Failsafe and wrapped up the recording of the album titled “Reaction” in 2002. Failsafe was a well-known name in the local music scene for numerous years, but unfortunately dismantled in 2008.


Since then Cheralee has performed as lead vocalist for various South African Rock bands and acts, with numerous accolades accumulated through the years, but only recently decided to pursue a solo music career. Cheralee wants to introduce her original music to the world, with the aim to uplift and inspire.